Our Door to Door outreach work is based on a combination of three methods.

  • Letter box The first of these is the ‘blanket covering’ of a wide area with an invitation leaflet put through letter boxes without knocking on doors.
  • Door Knocking The second is knocking on doors using Door to Door tracts.
  • Cultivation Evangelism The third of these is the use of the materials and methods of the WordSowers - using what is known as “Cultivation Evangelism” outreach leaflets
  • 1. Letter Box Outreach- The Invitation Leaflet
    This is what we start with when beginning outreach in any new area.  The Invitation leaflet needs to be as well produced as finances allow.

    Firstly the workers, meeting with the oversight of the local or new church, determine what area they wish to include. Then with a street map and possibly by walking the area, to estimate the total number of residences. When the leaflet has been prepared, to get a printer to print it. 5,000 copies is a reasonable aim even with a very small group of workers.  (If finances are low, then see how you may be able to print your own using a computer printer. ) Professional printing, even of a simple leaflet may make a better “first impression”.
    Choose someone to draft the wording of the leaflet, which essentially is an invitation to the worship services of the church - (or special Gospel meetings). Make the point that this is a church the believes the Bible and preaches the gospel. Also it is a church where people of all kinds will find a warm welcome.
    Work outwards in delivering the leaflets, starting with those houses nearest the church meeting place. Endeavour to cover as much of your town (local villages as well?) or City as you have workers to do it.  Aim to complete it say, within a month.  After prayer, send workers out by two’s if possible. Working each side of the street. Aim to do about 50 leaflets each in about an hour, depending on the layout of the houses. Do not expect too much of your workers. Do not overtire them.  They will be all the more willing to continue the work on a regular basis.
    After each delivery, if the workers can meet up for prayer and coffee, they will encourage one another to continue faithfully with the work.
    When the “blanket coverage” has been completed, it is time to start using method two!
    Incidentally, it may be that this coverage will appear to have produced minimal or even no immediate results in terms of new folk attending your services.  Take heart! God is in control! Give yourselves to further prayer.