The Gospel of Grace


If you are a believer reading this, then you will know of the “Great Commission” that Jesus charged his disciples with before he left this world. It was to go into all the world and preach the Gospel (Good news) of salvation to every person. 

We are living at a time when the vast majority around us have no interest whatever in spiritual matters. They might have some curiosity about “New Age” ideas, but the message of salvation has either never reached them, or they dismiss it as irrelevant to their lives. The result very often is that all appeals for them to attend a place of worship, in order to hear the gospel, is like “water off a duck’s back”! How then can we reach them and so fulfil our Lord’s command?

Small churches (and most churches are small in these days) cannot afford radio or television outreach, even if they were available. Our Lord said that the children of this world are wiser than the children of light!  If we look at the commercial world and ask how small businesses and even large ones communicate, we find that door-to-door literature is still very widely used. It would not be used if it was unproductive.

If people are reluctant to COME to our meeting places and hear the Gospel, then we must GO to them.  Door-to-door calling remains the most obvious means by which we may bring the gospel to the lost in our cities, towns and villages.

Door-to-door personal evangelism scares many even strong believers. But those who support and share in this work will testify that these fears may be overcome even in the most timid believer, given the help and encouragement we are confident that we can bring.

Those who have shared in this work will also testify to the great blessing they have received personally through the privilege of sharing in this work.

We pray that the Holy Spirit will move you to enquire further and so to be blessed.